Instagram Kayla. Senior. Dreamer. Original. I've meet many people in my life that have made an impact but the ones who I keep around are golden. I don't thrive to be anything but myself. I've wronged a lot in my lifetime but I am now on my road to being an adult. Things get hard, I may say I'm going to give up but at the end of the day I am happy to be the woman I have become. I am proud to be me. I'm not one of those kids that wait for something amazing to happen, I make it happen even if I die trying. I am determined to never go through life with anything just handed to me, I like to earn what I have. stats counter
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Finally legal fuck yeah. Smoking cigs with my parents for the first time

Finally legal fuck yeah. Smoking cigs with my parents for the first time

Nothing like prying a bottle of alcohol out of your depressed, barred out boyfriends hands. If I can’t help him get through this then who can?




You know it’s spring when, just after sunset, the refrigerator constellation rises in the western sky.

(But seriously, remember that our perspective on the stars is at the same time wonderfully unique but not at all special, and the stellar stories that we write are products not only of our imaginations, but also our brain’s relentless desire to recognize patterns in random assortments of far away dots)

Le casserole. El oh el.

Carl my man

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Lilo and Stitch - Deleted Scene. [ Bed Time Story ]


beacuse people thought Nani was Lilo’s mother

but this scene was so perf

Ugh I hate the baby phase… I can’t stop looking up baby things

You’re only seventeen once

You’re only seventeen once

"I am a loserI am SatanI am Jesus ChristI’m MeThere are no winners in this fucked reality”

"I am a loser
I am Satan
I am Jesus Christ
I’m Me
There are no winners in this fucked reality”

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